How to enable 2FA in fortnite chapter 2, Fortnite 2FA

How to enable 2FA in fortnite chapter 2

How to enable 2FA in fortnite chapter 2 hey guys hope you're doing well just a quick video today on how to enable two-factor authentication and fortnight so you're going, to go to epic games and then go to your account and then go to password and security go.

Down to the bottom where it says she had authentication and you have the choice of an app an.

Email and a text choose the email go to the email that you have set it for once you have done that then you can enter the code that it's been sent to the email it doesn't sound, like mine didn't send you can click resend and it, will send it to that email and once it's sent you enter it in, click continue and you're done the next time you go on to fortnight though with your account you'll have to enter a, pin and then once you've done that you should get the free bougie remote I'll show you that a moment now the B key down, a moment on my xbox hope you enjoyed the video guys stay tuned during election make sure you hit the subscribe button for more, good content coming soon .

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