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A2f fortnite

A2f fortnite quick jump alike in the next six seconds if you want the girl galaxy skin info tonight and here on the channel I'm gifting five subscribers every single day which includes two new skins and, the season three battle pass so if, you want to get a chance to be gifted by me then simply subscribe to the channel with notifications turn on so you don't miss out on any videos and drop the epic name in the comment. Section so I can go ahead and add you and also I'm an epic. Partner so you score guru in the fortnight item shop as a. Directly supposed to channel so thanks to everyone who is using code guru and let's give some lucky subscribers who watch my videos every day yah what's up so you know the Captain America's skin.

Just came out in the item shop and I'm asking lucky subscribers. If they want that skin yes so did you want the new skin yes.

Please yes alright let me hook you up with the brand new skin then so are you subscribed to the channel with notifications yes I, am okay I got your name raiders FN right yes alright.

I'm sending these skin right now and hopefully you will get an amazing victory Isle with this skin that way y'all so you. Get the skin yes thank you alright I'll go ahead and hook some lucky subscribers again. So till then take care guys thank you bye yo what's going on guys my name is God who and welcome back TV channel on today's video I'm gonna show, you guys how you guys can actually get yourself the galaxy girl outfit in 49 I also got a lot of new leaks, infos and a lot of cool updates that you miss out on the 30.20 patch cuz I know a lot. Of new info about the new Dragon shotgun the new mythic mushrooms and the new LTM coming up in four nights if you. Want to know everything about them including how to get the free skin then make sure you watch this video till the. End cuz whatever I say in my videos they will come out in the. Game on its own whoa there's go outside let's go ahead and take him out but sometimes people will watch other, videos on YouTube which might not be right but I said in the.

Past whatever I say and my videos it will come out in fortnight I made a video a few days ago saying American skin will be out by July 4th and look at the, item shop, right now it is out I also said that there's gonna be cars coming up and it's gonna be charged and floating houses everywhere on season three and all. Of them came out to be true so this time as well I'm gonna tell you guys how you guys can actually get yourself, the free.

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