Enable 2fa Fortnite Chapter 2 In 2020 Still Working (switch), Fortnite 2FA

Enable 2fa Fortnite Chapter 2 In 2020 Still Working (switch)

Enable 2fa Fortnite Chapter 2 In 2020 Still Working (switch) what about you two topics YouTube channel today we'll know Nintendo switch analyst see if you can enable 2f pay to get the food me down down in 2020 so currently is the last day of, winter fest that's June to disappear very soon I.

Created a ghost account yesterday you previously you may have watched my last video of where I cry snowflakes and creating the ghost account and I showed you how to and linked, it from a Nintendo switch a Nintendo switches in the docking station I'm catching it through the tailgate oh there's my. Joke on controller somewhere then enable to, pay on this account though and show you how to get the booty down dance working in 2020 because I received a load of comments people saying that, it doesn't work for them rather than on a Nintendo switch, ps4 or Xbox you may have had to have faith in Abel before that booty down dance actually come out and that was the reason why you didn't get to FA or, you made it harder create the fortnight account.

Using a certain of the email address the needed that account and then sign back up for another fortnight account using the same pair manager and their epic games are probably matching that email address ER, with you've had to a faith in the past that's why you probably wouldn't get the movie down email so. All you've, got to do is go onto your fortnight I can't go over to Epic Games silence your fault my account once on its epic games website you'll see my connected account is linked to my Nintendo. Switch all I'm gonna do is, go to see password and security scroll down to the bottom it gives you two ways to authenticate the first one, is an offender keishon that we use on a mobile phone the second one is using your email so make sure you've got access, to your email because they'll send you over a security code so you can enable to afaik and i'd. Recommend using email over the mobile authentication app just in case you lose your phone card.

Authenticate so if I'll always recommend using the email way so I'm going to head back now instead it's a code over to my email address that's associated that pepid games are.

Come on go to my email now haven't got anything just yet a little press refresh there we go your tooth. Back to signing code is there so all in and zoom is open this up. I'm going to copy the code which is here they're back over to epic games paste it in there press Continue, and it says email authentication enabled so that's all done that's to a face set of my epic games account so I'm going.

To quickly close that the PC window we're on the, Nintendo switch and I have to press the home button and I'm going to close the. The actual game because you won't get it until you restart for at night so I hit I will, start for tonight again and wait for it to load and there you can see the bougie download enabled on the Nintendo.

Switch as often January the step 2020 so I'm the quest I get to claim just for proof I'm gonna go over into settings show you that I'm on.

The Nintendo switch see the switch controller up there let's get back out and go to the locker. The go to the emotes you can see the booty down emote there save that get back up, into the lobby or jump into the mode now so I've tried it on the ps4 I, tried it on the Xbox and now in 2020 I've tried it on the Nintendo switch and you can still enable to it Bay and get the booty down emo for free remember how many fortnight, videos so please leave a like, subscribe and I shall get back to you with another one thanks for watching .

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