Fortnite 2fa enable 2fa, Fortnite 2FA

Fortnite 2fa enable 2fa

Fortnite 2fa enable 2fa that you do 2x YouTube channel today's video I'm going to show you how to enable 2f a on the Xbox one so received a lot. Of comments on my last video saying you can't get or it's not working the boogie, down dance when you're unable to FA on the Xbox one so what I've done is created a new Xbox that can either go to my epic games account, which is linked to this Xbox account and enable to FA and show you it working as of November the, 9th so let's get started so as you can see I'm jumping to me emote now I already got one of you making their brand new account, let's go over to Epic Games now here's my epic account you can see the Xbox is connected.

So all I'm going to do to enable 2fa is go to password, and security click on that scroll down to the bottom you've got to effect occasions, you've got a mobile app that you'll use a bar code to a fence ok or the email I always use emails you can pick you up your email from anywhere if your phone runs out.

You lose, your phone you're not gonna be able to authenticate so I'm going to enable email authentication what it would do is send owed out to your email address which is registered to your Epic Games, account it's there straight away so once on here you need to copy and paste this code into this box here and press, Continue this has. Email authentication is enable so that's to FA on your account now if I close this screen off here will jump back into the game you might be wondering where is the email you've, only got your one.

Emote there you're gonna have to close the application on the Xbox press quick start it back up again but so the games loaded back up on the hip a to start the game jump into the battle, and there you can see my boogie down dance, that I've got for free when I enabled 2fa on the Xbox one so all I'm going to do now is press a on the controller to claim the, boogie down emote and go into my locker you'd see the big you down emo is now in my locker and fully.

Working so, that's the boom you down emo for free when you enable 2fa on the Xbox one like I said it's November than nine 2019 it's chapter two, and it is still working when you enable to f8 remember I make.

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