How to get 2fa for free on Nintendo switch, Fortnite 2FA

How to get 2fa for free on Nintendo switch

How to get 2fa for free on Nintendo switch what's up guys back with another video i'm going to show you how to get to the fa for free first step is go into your fortnite onto your username it's going really good fortnite f n t i am. Waiting for ninjas please stop foreign okay guys press your whatever you're on and that's how you get.

For free chop the two season two hurry to get two out there for.

Free be really easy you going here fortnite that's how you get it this first step code you're pre and, now going to the screen you'll be right here you have to sign into your coin focus and, press your coin and press our coin and you're gonna be right in this page move to password and you. Go to the bottom and you press this button should be free and press the metal it's going to say put a phone.

Number in then you put your phone number in then we'll send.

The code to your messages then type that code in and that's all you get but you're done for free bye bye see, you later .

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