How to Get 2fa Sms On Fortnite, Fortnite 2FA

How to Get 2fa Sms On Fortnite

How to Get 2fa Sms On Fortnite what about YouTube to Rick's YouTube channel today's video will show you how to get to FA on your fortnight account using your mobile phone now there's a new way you can get to f8 through SMS text. Messaging so I'm going to. Show you how to do now I've just made a video of how to log back into your, ghost account that's why I'm on this boost account it's not really a ghost account cuz I upgraded it it is a full Epic.

Games account but I still have my main account hidden behind this so I can sign out my ghost, account and sign back into my main account but for this video I want to show you how to get to FA SMS on Epic Games you can still. Get the buggy down if you've never had to FA I have enabled to F hay on this account in, the previous videos I'm not going to get the booby down you make for doing. This so if you've never enabled to afaik you may have fought it was too. Complicated you've got email you've got the authentication app and now you have to F a SMS so let's jump over to epic games now and I'll show you how to set it up so we're on Epic, Games we you can see my playstation network name there is the same above my character, so it's the same account you're going to go to password and security and. If you scroll down you can see in the middle now you've got SMS, authentication so click enable SMS and then you're gonna add your mobile device phone number so once you've put your number in there you're gonna press send code and, then what it's going to do is send you out a verification code for the mobile number that you actually put in the.

Box on the previous screen so make sure you put the correct number in us it'll send a random code out to somebody else's, phone so we're gonna wait, for that code to come in fill it in and that should be 2 FA enabled so I've just got my. Verification code on my phone I'm gonna put it in now and the press activate and two-factor signing is activated press closed SMS authentication is now enabled on that account if you want.

To disable.

It simply press disable and go for the effect ocation way or go using the email way so like I said if you've never enabled to f8, on your account you will get the boogie-down emote the next time you log, into fortnight it won't appear straight away if your plain fortnight you will have to close fortnight and then log back into fortnight load it up and you should receive the booby down emo so that's how, you get D factor SMS event occasion with epic games, remember to hit the like button subscribe and I should get back to you in another video thanks for watching .

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